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Hello Readers,

BLOG 1.  

My plans for keeping GREEN INK BOOKS blogs/newsletters, short and interesting! … As well as responding to your thoughts and ideas.

This first blog will:

  • Expand on the homepage message,
  • Tell you about the regular free bonus material AND
  • Tell you about my next books

Expanding on the home page, extra comments in blue italics

Established in 2020, Green Ink Books aims to help emerging authors promote themselves, by gathering reviews from our band of budding readers. We will be adding bits to the Website over the next few months to help new self-publishers.


If you have taken a look at our Home page this week you might have noticed that we are having a bit of a makeover after a year of re-defining and honing what we wanted to write about. There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes, our team has grown, and our audience has got bigger too. With all that in mind we decided that our ‘path to discovery’ must start with the first step rather than the destination. Every journey starts with the first step!

The goal will be to produce a self-publishing Community Information Hub, where new writers can mix, helped by new readers and skilled or philanthropic professionals. Where the already published writers can help the unpublished first timers, where new writers can promote their books and interested readers have the opportunity to be linked directly to Amazon should they wish to order straight away. If you are a writer and want to get your foot in the door on ‘recommended books” in order to promote your new books, please contact us via the “Contact Us” page”, along with a short author biog + a photo and relevant book info (ie: publisher, title, genre, URL, front cover, ISBN if you have one)

We want to be able to offer a range of free bonus material to everyone who signs up. Signing up is simple and you can unsubscribe at any time. See the star bonus material each month in red.

So, if you’re a story-teller, a listener, a reader, a writer, a parent, a grandparent, an educator, a librarian (or a philanthropist), please let us know by using the ‘Contact Us’ form on this site so that together, we can create a fantastic Website that suits the needs of our reading community. Stronger together Better together. 

Take a LOOK at our list of “RECOMMENDED BOOKS.” We can add yours to this list, see above.

FIND OUT how we can promote your new book now by reading the May Blog.


Telling you about the regular free bonus material, star bonus material in red

All bonus material is free for you to download. It will help us enormously if you let us know the bits you like best so we can produce more of them!

  • 31 times table black and white to print out on seven sides, which can be taped together to form a bedroom or kitchen frieze or stapled and hole-punched to form your own ready-reckoner. (For a ready reckoner, you will need to print double sided then cut off the spare white space at the top and bottom then hole punch the left margin, should you wish to store it in a file OR fold the left-hand margin over so that as you open side 2, it automatically leads to side 3. This can be reinforced with tape.
  • Two magic number test sheets for 7 and 31
  • A fully illustrated children’s book called “My Hero Is You”, ready to download and completely free of charge. This book is also available in over 100 other languages should you wish to download other language versions
  • A (make you own) bookmark for the Giant of Jiggery Pokery and his Amazing Seven League Boots. No more turning the corners of the pages over!
  • A GIANT wordsearch and an answer sheet

Here at Green Ink Books, we are all working hard to get the next lot of bonus material ready, this will include:

  • Answers to your questions and any website news
  • Some free chapters and audio of the Giant of Jiggery Pokery
  • 31 times tables in colour or even as a free downloadable maths book, inc
  • A set of magic number test sheets from 1 to 12
  • Some info about pies and Pi
  • Another word search with answers
  • Some horsey stuff to look forward to
  • The start of a diary of the grandparent self-publisher (in the BLOG section)
  • A book list of the most helpful self-publishing authors we know 

Tell you about my next book. “A Racehorse Called Spirit of Springbok”.

The exciting horsey adventure story about the four Sams Belvedere and a racehorse. Available in June 2021

Over the next year I will tell you about the pros and cons, the many ups and many downs of getting your first book published. … Can be a rocky road!

I will also explain my take on giving profits to charities.

I look forward to your emails, and ideas and inspirational stories for (your) future books.

Best wishes

SM Thornton

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