The Gentle Marketing Revolution: A Radical Business Approach to Get New Clients with Integrity and Kindness

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Are you ready to build a purposeful and profitable business, by marketing with integrity and kindness?

Are you done with being pushy?

Are you fed up with the manipulation, the hype and the hustle?

You’re not alone. 

Heart-centered business owners are eager to run their businesses and marketing from a place of smart generosity. From abundance, not scarcity. From real, community-changing passion that gets back to the basics of trust, meaning, and purpose.

It is a revolution pushing up through the cracks of the conventional business world.

gentle revolution.

The Gentle MARKETING REVOLUTION is a radical business approach offering you a roadmap to discover how to connect with clients authentically, implement heart-centered selling, and use the power of vulnerability to bring more of you to your marketing.

Structured around three phases of transformation that revolutionize the traditional Ps of marketing, along with thought-provoking questions to guide the way, Santacroce lays out the necessary steps to replace the old way of marketing with a way that is aligned with your values, your story, and your own unique approach—with profound results.

You are in business to share your gifts with the world. The Gentle Marketing Revolution is the compass you need on your journey!

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